Australian Health Industry Group provides advice and consultancy to clinics assisting them to meet the day to day rigors of running successful medical services, minimise risks and optimise returns.

As an owner of medical clinics at the Royal Children's Hospital and a joint owner of medical clinics in Timboon, Winchelsea, Apollo Bay and Cobden we offer professional expertise, operational management and extensive networking in the health sector.

The advice and support includes:

  • Practice management consulting setting up, managing, staffing, reviewing, establishing systems and procedures and medicare billing to promote better financial performance, enhanced quality of care and better patient health outcomes
  • Legal compliance
  • Financial
  • Nursing
  • Policies and procedures
  • Systems development
  • Practice modelling
  • Recruitment
  • Accreditation, credentialing and quality management
  • Training


Our after hours clinic at the Royal Children’s Hospital provides general practice services in the accident and emergency department. The service treats category 4 and 5 patients presenting to the hospital and reduces waiting times for accident and emergency patients.

We Are Experts In:

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